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Recreational Permits

Lewis & Clark Timberlands (LCT) will once again offer an unlimited number of recreational access permits for the June 1, 2019 to May 31, 2020 season. No fee

All recreational activities, including hunting, on LCT’s Oregon and Washington properties require a recreational access permit. Please apply for an Oregon permit and also a Washington permit if you plan to enter both Oregon and Washington permit areas.

LCT will have a regular presence on the timberlands to help assure a positive experience for permit holders. It is also designed to help protect permit holders from system abusers.

Information regarding fire closure, safety issues and policy change is communicated to permit holders through text, e-mail and notices posted on this GreenWood Resources website.

GreenWood managed timberlands in Tillamook County, Oregon and Pacific and Wahkiakum Counties in Washington will continue to be open for non-motorized access only.

For timberlands in Clatsop County, beginning September 28, thru November 22, selected gates listed below will be open for vehicular access. Public access is welcome from one hour before sunrise until one hour after sunset. Please remember: NO smoking, camping, campfires, off-road driving, ATVs, or motorcycles. E-bikes/pedal assist bikes are not allowed in walk-in only/non-motorized access areas due to ODF&W Travel Management Agreement regulations. Please do not block or park too closely to gates or your vehicle could be towed at your expense. All access is subject to change without notice.

Gates open from September 28, through November 22, 2019

  • L&C Camp Gate (71)
  • 400 Line (72)
  • 300 Line (73)
  • Klootchy Park (39)
  • Sugarloaf (24)
  • Charlie Cr. (26)
  • Clatsop Fir XO (25)
  • Tidewater (49)
  • Snow Point (54)
  • Elk Mtn. W (98/99)
  • L&C ML at Saddle
    Mtn. Park Rd East/
    West (56/57)
  • Fisher ML (83)
  • Twilight Gates
  • Bear Cr. 300 (80)
  • Elk Mtn. East (53)

For your safety while driving on Lewis & Clark Timberlands:

Always drive for the conditions. Maximum speed is 25 mph. Road conditions, heavy equipment, weather and limited visibility can all require slower speeds. Drive to the right side of the road. Assume there is oncoming traffic around every corner. Drive with headlights on at all times. Please read and obey all signs. Be alert for and avoid active forestry related activities. Any gate that may be open but is not listed above could be locked at any time and will be locked at the end of each work day. Please report any illegal or suspicious activity to the Sheriff’s Office or the Oregon State Police.

Call 911 TO REPORT A FIRE OR EMERGENCY. Please remember to print your permits and place your Vehicle Placard on the dash of your vehicle and carry your Recreational Access permit with you. If you’re not sure you’ve received the latest update by e-mail, we encourage you to call the Oregon hot-line 503.755.6655 or Washington hot-line at 509.780.0865 before entering the timberlands. Road maps for Lewis & Clark property in Clatsop Co. are available at our Gearhart office during business hours for $7 cash.

Thank you

To obtain an Access Permit you must be a registered member. 

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Oregon - Lewis & Clark Timberlands Access Permit - LCT_OR_19
Access Area: 157,950
Maps:  Aerial   TOPO   Location  

Washington - Lewis & Clark Timberlands Access Permit - LCT_WA_19
Access Area: 27,594
Maps:  Aerial   TOPO   Location